Client Testimonials

Private Sessions


"Renee is a beautiful soul. Her kindness, warmth, compassion and love of yoga and people shines through from the moment you meet her. She has a magical way of making you feel so comfortable and welcome. I also appreciate her sense of humor which has helped when I've gotten frustrated with myself. She brings me back to what's important! I'm grateful to know her and can't wait to see where her journey takes her."

~T.H, - Group Sessions

"Renee's peace and serenity guide you through yoga Nidra in a way that allows for total surrender. Practicing with her has taken my practice to a whole new level and allowed me to release so many emotions that have held me back for years. I am so truly blessed to have found Renee and Infinite Lotus Yoga."
~C. E. - Private Session

"​​​Renée is a true blessing...
She takes pride in what she does and it shows. It's not just a job to her she truly cares. I am fairly new to that yoga meditating world. She puts things into terms that I can understand."
~K.H - Private Session

Private Healing Session


"Renee began training me about a month after I had major surgery for breast cancer. Renee started teaching me some stretches, breathing techniques and meditation to aid in the healing process. Before the first sessions, it took a lot of effort to raise my arms from my side to above my head.  Renee was supportive and encouraged me to go at a pace that I was comfortable with. She showed me several gentle stretches that would help to restore range of motion in my arms. I was thrilled after a couple of sessions that I was able to raise my arms above my head with no pain.  The guided meditation sessions were a big help in relieving stress. I realize now that even after the surgery, I was still carrying around the stress of the cancer diagnosis. After the meditation, I felt a long overdue sense of calm. I was not very familiar with yoga before I meet with Renee.  I can say that I am overjoyed at the positive impact the sessions have played in my recovery process. Renee is a caring and genuine teacher." ~K.H, - Private Lessons

"Renée was very good at ensuring I didn't aggravate an old back injury.  She was knowledgeable and had a comfortable style and approach...

Since this was one of the first times I had done yoga, it was especially good that she offered poses that worked with the level I was at. She helped me make adjustments to do poses correctly and without making me feel foolish."

~B.C - Private Session

Private Yoga Session


"I found Infinite Lotus Yoga by referral from another yoga studio. I wanted private lessons and was connected to Renee, owner of Infinite Lotus Yoga. From the first phone call, Renee began to plan a program that was personally tailored to my needs. She has an intuitive nature that helps her guide each session for maximum benefit. 
     I was a complete beginner. I had never taken a yoga class in my life. With her guidance, I never felt insecure or inadequate. She told me, "If you can breathe, you can do yoga." Within just a few lessons I was hooked! I have better physical stamina and flexibility. Without feeling like I was even trying my progress has been exponential.
     Yoga is unique! The mental relaxation combined with the physical workout is like no other program I have ever experienced. The personal attention Renee gives and the health benefits are worth your time and money! Renee is knowledgeable, professional, and fun. I look forward to each session.
    If you're thinking about yoga try 3 lessons. You're not tied to a membership or long commitment. The stress benefits alone are wonderful. Honestly, it is much cheaper than a good attorney and bail money!"

​~W. E, Emergency Room Nurse, Private Sessions

Corporate Session

Corporate yoga class, Chandler AZ

"Renee Johnson was wonderful!! We had her come do a class for our team at Madison Ave Salon & Day Spa, she was awesome. Everyones asking when can we do it again. If you have any doubt, rest assure your in the right place. I would recommend Renee to anyone, she was a pleasure to work with and we will definitely have her back in the near future." ​~D.L- Business Owner - Corporate Class

"I’d only participated in a few group yoga classes before Renee and had always been turned off by stiff or “spacey” instructors. But Renee is the complete opposite!

She’s extremely personable and has a great sense of humor while still being passionate about teaching yoga. We have a large, silly group and she has a knack for allowing us to crack jokes and enjoy our time together without compromising the quality of the yoga session. So glad we found her!"
~D.R, Content Marketing Writer - Corporate Class

Corporate/Small Group


We were looking for a way to incorporate health and wellness at our office, so we hired Renee to teach a weekly yoga class for our employees. Prior to meeting Renee, coordinating with her through email and by phone was so easy, she was very accommodating and professional.

... when I finally met her I was relieved to find out she is extremely warm, kind, and full of positive energy.

      She always arrives early for class to set up, brings her own equipment, and makes sure everyone in class is taken care of. She took the time to read through every individual’s waivers so that she was aware of everyone’s ability levels and limitations before class.

      She is very knowledgeable, and leads a fun yet challenging class, often mixing it up with new poses for us to learn. Her voice is soothing and her guided meditation takes me away from the stress of the day. I leave class feeling happy, relaxed, and refreshed.

Most of our employees had never tried yoga before, and now they all love it! Renee is simply amazing!”

~K. H., Office Manager - Corporate Class


Workshop at Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert AZ

"Today, I took one of my first steps to my goals. It feels great! Your workshop helped clear several things. I can't thank you enough!” 

~L.T. Workshop Attendee

"Your workshop was very informative and it helped confirm what I need to focus on in life. I want to find work that has more meaning and speaks to my soul. I think nidras are powerful because I instantly can see a change the week after I engage in one--at least, it brings to the surface what needs to be addressed. !” 

~L.J.  Workshop Attendee

Client Testimonials for Yoga Nidra


Client Testimonial for iRest® Yoga Nidra Session

"I was introduced to iRest yoga by Renee. It has been a great personal experience for me. Her passion for the practice is contagious and her realistic and spiritual approach to the practice led to my deep and continued interest in iRest. I have been interested in and have practiced other forms of meditation and yoga, and I have found iRest to be transformative. I highly recommend Renee."

~P. R.  Private Session


Client Testimonial for Yoga Nidra

"I reached out to Renee about her private yoga nidra sessions after taking a few of her yoga classes. I'm a PT and was preparing for a dry needling course and this requires you to be model for other participants to practice on. And I DO NOT like needles. ... Renee helped me set a specific intention (tailoring it to me so I felt confident and believed in what I was saying) and integrated specific phrases in regards to needles to help desensitize my mind to the idea of needles...      I feel she went above and beyond in making this experience individualized and pertinent to my needs. She was very encouraging through the whole process and even texted to wish me good luck the weekend of the course. The course did go well...      I would highly recommend setting up a private session with Renee (whether it's for yoga or a nidra), particularly if you have something specific you want to work through, as she can help provide a more intentional and positive outlook on whatever you may be working on :)" And I mean every word! Truly and honestly, thank you. You are great at what you do :) ~A. W. Physical Therapist, Yoga Nidra Private Session  


Client Testimonial for Yoga Nidra

"Renee, came to my home and allowed me to seek peace and comfort to which I hadn't had in a while dealing with chronic pain I'm going through radiation therapy. She made it very comfortable even with my pets around and respected my home. I recommend Renee to anyone reduce stress, anxiety, and bring peace."  ~G. B, Yoga Nidra Private Session

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