An Integrative Approach to a Balanced Life

E-RYT200® Yoga Instructor

​Meditation Facilitator

Level One iRest® Teacher

Certified Health Coach


Welcome to Infinite Lotus Wellness!

My name is Renée Johnson and it is my privilege to help support you on your journey to a more balanced state of mind and body through an integrative approach of Nutrition, Movement, and Meditation. 


As a meditation facilitator and an E-RYT200® yoga teacher who has practiced for over twenty years I have personally witnessed the importance meditation and regular exercise can have on both the mind and body. Over the last few years, however, I have also seen many friends become ill with life-altering illnesses and I came to the realization that there has to be even more to a healthier body and mind than just exercise and meditation so I decided to became a Health and Wellness Coach as well.

I believe our path to better physical and mental health begins with balanced nutrition and from there we may grow our other practices even more effectively. 


I am committed to understand your goals, know where your mind and body are today, and to help you live a more comfortable, balanced, and enjoyable life.  

Whether you are interested in just one of these approaches or all three - I will 

never forget that this is YOUR journey. 

Choose one approach or all three

I also teach weekly classes at these wonderful institutions:

Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ

Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix, AZ